New Pacific Coast-wide agreement on fishing arrangements under thePacific Salmon Treaty will result in increased returns of Chinook salmon to Washington waters. The 10-year agreement guides fishery management plans for Chinook, coho, chum, and some pink and sockeye populations from 2009-2018 in Canada, Washington, Oregon, and Alaska.

NOAA-Fisheries issues a biological opinion for operation of the Federal Columbia River Power System. Although subject to legal challenge, the opinion includes significant commitments to increase survival at the federal dams and to improve tributary and estuary habitats.

Washington Coast Sustainable Salmon Partnership is formed to help address salmon recovery and preservation in the Washington Coast Region.

A proposed recovery plan for Middle Columbia River steelhead is released by NOAA-Fisheries. This plan incorporates the recovery plan—with significant updates—already adopted by the federal agency and the state of Washington for steelhead within Washington.