The Governor signs Executive Order 04-03, creating the Governor’s Forum on Monitoring. This Order establishes a coordinating body for monitoring salmon recovery and watershed health.

All Washington sub-basins submit their draft Fish and Wildlife Sub-basin Plans to the Northwest Power and Conservation Council on time. Collectively, the plans represent the largest compilation of data on fish, wildlife and environmental conditions ever in the Columbia River Basin.

The federal government issues a Draft Hatchery Policy, indicating how hatchery fish will be considered in salmon recovery, and revises its Status Reviews for listed fish in Washington. They propose to down list Upper Columbia steelhead from endangered to threatened, and list Lower Columbia coho for the first time as threatened. All other listings in Washington are proposed to remain as previously listed.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission approves a 50-year Mid-Columbia Habitat Conservation Plan as part of the relicensing process for three mid-Columbia dams.

The Lower Columbia Fish Recovery Board completes the first regional salmon recovery plan in Washington.

The Governor’s Salmon Recovery Office publishes the 2004 State of Salmon in Watersheds Report.